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Free DWG Viewer is a viewer for AutoCAD files that will not be a problem for your pocket, it is totally free. It ca be really useful if you haveto view an AutoCAD file once but you do not usually use that kind of files.

Not only does Free DWG Vieger support DWG files but it also supports DWF and DXF, so if you have a DWG, DWF or DXF file and you do not know what program to use, you can download Free DWG viewer for free and view it.

It works like an usual picture viewer, you can zoom in or out, rotate,...

Free DWG Viewer also includes some special tools like a ruler to measure the distance between two points or layer support.

Finally, you will be able to save AutoCAD files as JPG, so the next time you will have to view them you will be able to view them by using your usual photo viewer.
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